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My brain works in bullet points on mornings I haven’t had enough sleep but, for whatever reason, can’t go back to sleep. Consider this a cleaning session.

  • Gross-out: My dog woke me up by vomiting. On my armpit.
  • Every time I see the word “Pain” I first think I see “Palin.” Oh, the beautiful irony.
  • I said a very stupid thing in yesterday’s blog post. In order to be optimistic and/or happy about a single public issue, I apparently need to block out everything else. Like the banking crisis which, I presumed, didn’t really affect me. Riiiight. What I had was a failure of comprehension. It didn’t really make sense to me at that point, and I didn’t understand that the Fed taking on bad debt (or even the rumor of it) is another example of cronyism and bailing out the big guys. Does the fed step in to save a failing small business, or all those near-mythical family-owned businesses destroyed when a big-box store comes to the neighborhood? No–only when mega-conglomerates implement extremely poor business practices and operate at the edge of a proverbial cliff, and that cliff crumbles beneath them do the feds step in. And yet there’s no consensus about what caused this bubble. Who is running this f-ing government, anyhow? At least Krugman’s article in the Times today shows a basic understanding of the financial system–and the government’s involvement in it–so start there, I guess. I don’t understand!

See? That’s my brain waking up, and there’s typically anger involved in the clearing of the fog. Kind of like learning.

Okay, now I need to edit, edit, edit, work, get hair cut, go to library, go to bank, etc. etc.


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Snow Day!

Just yesterday I said to Wanda that if it’s going to be this cold, it might as well snow six inches. Well, not quite six inches, but enough for this:




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I’m posting this video for two reasons:

1. There’s been some talk about finding a little sister for Raul, in the next six months to a year. I’m afraid this very scene might take place.

2. This is a perfect representation of the range of my moods during the last two weeks.


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Another year,
Another picture of Raul,

And more food.

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The Many (Two) Moods of Raul*

I’ve been meaning to post these for some time. Crazy’s photos of Olive reminded me to finally do it.

Mood: Pensive
Event: Commencing toenail clipping


Mood: __________(you tell me)

Event: Completion of toenail clipping

By the way, it was cold that day. She shivers when it’s cold and stops when I put on her shirt. So none of that, please.

*Not her real name, but an alter-ego

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