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My brain works in bullet points on mornings I haven’t had enough sleep but, for whatever reason, can’t go back to sleep. Consider this a cleaning session.

  • Gross-out: My dog woke me up by vomiting. On my armpit.
  • Every time I see the word “Pain” I first think I see “Palin.” Oh, the beautiful irony.
  • I said a very stupid thing in yesterday’s blog post. In order to be optimistic and/or happy about a single public issue, I apparently need to block out everything else. Like the banking crisis which, I presumed, didn’t really affect me. Riiiight. What I had was a failure of comprehension. It didn’t really make sense to me at that point, and I didn’t understand that the Fed taking on bad debt (or even the rumor of it) is another example of cronyism and bailing out the big guys. Does the fed step in to save a failing small business, or all those near-mythical family-owned businesses destroyed when a big-box store comes to the neighborhood? No–only when mega-conglomerates implement extremely poor business practices and operate at the edge of a proverbial cliff, and that cliff crumbles beneath them do the feds step in. And yet there’s no consensus about what caused this bubble. Who is running this f-ing government, anyhow? At least Krugman’s article in the Times today shows a basic understanding of the financial system–and the government’s involvement in it–so start there, I guess. I don’t understand!

See? That’s my brain waking up, and there’s typically anger involved in the clearing of the fog. Kind of like learning.

Okay, now I need to edit, edit, edit, work, get hair cut, go to library, go to bank, etc. etc.


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It’s Official

Unemployment, that is.

Yup, the institution of “higher” learning that’s been paying my rent since 2003 majorly fucked up and had to let go *all* adjunct comp instructors for the spring. Not having a job is bittersweet, though. I’ve been in the vicious circle of wanting to find something else, finding I have no relevant experience for work outside the academy (and not enough education for any gainful work inside), agreeing to teach for fear of uncertainty, and doing little aside from not enjoying teaching. Maybe I’ll finally find something that I enjoy…

In other good news, the feeling I’d attributed to winter time, possible S.A.D., possible depression, teaching, fatigue, and general malaise turns out to likely be magnesium deficiency. Who knew?! The doc said a level as low as mine could cause heart palpitations and muscle weakness. After a couple of doses of magnesium oxide, I already feel better. In hindsight, I had easily describable symptoms–especially the increased heart-rate–but find it endlessly difficult to trust what my body tells me. I immediately blame myself for my symptoms (not enough sleep, not enough vigorous exercise, etc.). Good to know it isn’t always my fault.

Finally, on an entirely unrelated note, yesterday I watched/fell asleep during the worst movie: The Grifters. I found myself asking, time and again, “Is this supposed to be funny?” Well, is it?

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A New Apartment

Last night (Wednesday night), at 1:30 a.m., loud music suddenly blasted from our neighbors’ apartment. We live next to a building that rents cheap rooms to undergrads, and though they’re in a separate building, we share a single brick wall between us. My pounding on the wall did nothing, my beau’s pounding on their front door did nothing, so finally the cops shut them up. This is one of many reasons we’re planning to move this spring.

Other reasons, since 2005, include:

  • vandalism of both of our cars
  • both of our cars getting wrecked into while parked on the street
  • too much traffic on the street
  • foot and auto traffic to the market next door
  • one robbery/shooting in the market next door
  • a drunken visit from one of our landlord’s employees on a Monday night at midnight a few weeks ago
  • more noise and parties next door
  • a tiny kitchen with no counter space or drawers
  • a 30+ year old refridgerator
  • neighbors on our roof
  • once, a Spanish version of “Achy Breaky Heart” blaring (from next door) at 3 a.m.

The apartment–aside from the kitchen–really isn’t that bad, and heat is included in the rent. If only we could pick the space up and move it somewhere else. But I could use a change of environment.

Something like this would be ideal:

Condo downtown

Or a space like this would be nice:

But since most downtown condos are pretty much out of our price range, we’ll keep these in mind on down the road a bit. (Note: these photos are from properties I visited last fall during a tour of living.) I wouldn’t mind living downtown, though. Or in a neighborhood other than our current one. I’m looking for a place that’s quiet, dog-friendly, in a neighborhood in which I can walk the dog and walk to some things (specifically a cafe or two), with office space (in the form of a den or additional bedroom), an updated kitchen with a dishwasher, hardwood floors, and, preferably, some utilities covered in the rent. Any tips?

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It’s the “Sorry I Yelled at You” bouquet!
Really, it’s a picture of pretty flowers.
Okay, it’s both.
Let me just take a moment to say how much Tuesdays suck, which is entirely unrelated to the above comments. Long day, not enough food breaks, not enough done. Whine, moan, gripe, etc. Wednesday morning means doing what didn’t get done. Or blogging. Or both.

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One of my summer projects is to get out and do some new things in Cincinnati. Since my list is pretty short, I decided to Google “Things to do in Cincinnati,” and one of the hits on the first page links to a recent article in the Enquirer, “100 Things To Do In Cincinnati Before You Die.”

If you want a laugh, click on the link; maybe the “Before You Die” part of the article title is literal: the list is intended for people who are really about to die. I’ve summed up the highlights below:

  • Artery-clogging food: 18 (the phrase “stuff yourself” appears twice, and there are more food entries not included in this category)
  • Churches (services, carnivals, looksies): 9
  • Reds/Bengals-related: 5
  • Christmas displays/theatre: 4
  • Cemeteries: 2

Other fun facts:

  • The word “University” appears once. (“84. Survey the bulging red brick Vontz Center for Molecular Studies at the University of Cincinnati, designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry.”) There is no mention of CCM or DAAP–the top design program in the nation.
  • The word “College” appears once. (“85. (Quietly) check out the Klau Library at Hebrew Union College in Clifton, one of the most extensive Jewish libraries in the world.”)
  • There is no mention of collegiate sporting events, or any sporting events aside from the two pro teams. Roller derby, anyone?
  • There are no Walnut Hills, College Hill, Clifton, or Northside destinations. This means no businesses from these communities were plugged, either.

And the awards for the most peculiarly worded entries:

  • “9. View the slave pen at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. Feel the brutality.” Feel the brutality? After which you’ll immediately want to go eat some chili, I’m sure, and stuff yourself with it, at that.
  • “71. Nibble cold watermelon on the beach at Hueston Woods State Park north of Oxford.” Nibble cold watermelon? As opposed to, say, chowing down on some freshly baked watermelon?

At this point you might be asking yourself (if you’re still with me), “What of it, Coral?”

Well, aside from feeling totally frustrated at the unhelpfulness of the list, I also feel really alienated. Whose values are these? (Duh, the stiffs at the Enquirer.) I’ll never “Walk through every single home in Homearama and shout: “I want this one!”” (#64) or “Dress up like a Parrothead and drink margaritas at a Jimmy Buffett concert at Riverbend” (#76). And the only thrill I get from booing a Pittsburgh Steelers’ fan is entirely personal.

So here’s where you come in, faithful reader(s). Let’s make our own list: “Things To Do Before You Leave Cincinnati,” for you students, transients, and wanderers, or “Things To Do Before You Die of Boredom in Cincinnati.” Help me compile a list comparable in length to the original, and I’ll shop it around the local weeklies, blogs, etc.

Things to Do in Cincinnati While Young and Lively:

1. Publish something about real things to do in Cincinnati.

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1. The Supreme Court is out of control. Never thought I’d say this, but where the fuck is Sandra Day O’Connor when you need her? Let’s hope Hill’s bill can make it through Congress…

2. The FDA is out of control. Despite widespread information to the contrary, and pleading from the Red Cross, the FDA upheld its 1983 (yes, that’s twenty-four years ago) ban on gay men donating blood.

I don’t even need to get into the other ways the FDA is out of control. Inspections, anyone? Anyone?

3. The Democrats. How can you have the support of the public and still cave to that sitting duck sonofabitch?

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