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Although no delegates have yet been assigned, several news outlets are calling Ohio for Hillary!

Update: It was, indeed, a great night for Hillary supporters. Ohio and Texas are strong working-class states, and though I don’t intend to hold up working-class people as better citizens, they know what it’s like to struggle, to doubt, and to stand on the edge of the abyss, so to speak. They’re realistic. They too want to change the direction of this country, but they recognize that change isn’t a pretty process, and that the conservative forces we face aren’t going to yield, aren’t going to unite. Ohioans want a strong fighter, and the majority of us think Hillary’s the best candidate for the job. I’m quite happy to be part of this majority.

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I’m excited for four reasons today:

1. Paul Krugman is back from vacation.

2. The end of the quarter is in clear sight.

3. I had a new idea for a long-neglected project yesterday, and believe March is the month to bring it all back.

4. I get to cast my vote for the first female presidential nominee tomorrow.


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A New Apartment

Last night (Wednesday night), at 1:30 a.m., loud music suddenly blasted from our neighbors’ apartment. We live next to a building that rents cheap rooms to undergrads, and though they’re in a separate building, we share a single brick wall between us. My pounding on the wall did nothing, my beau’s pounding on their front door did nothing, so finally the cops shut them up. This is one of many reasons we’re planning to move this spring.

Other reasons, since 2005, include:

  • vandalism of both of our cars
  • both of our cars getting wrecked into while parked on the street
  • too much traffic on the street
  • foot and auto traffic to the market next door
  • one robbery/shooting in the market next door
  • a drunken visit from one of our landlord’s employees on a Monday night at midnight a few weeks ago
  • more noise and parties next door
  • a tiny kitchen with no counter space or drawers
  • a 30+ year old refridgerator
  • neighbors on our roof
  • once, a Spanish version of “Achy Breaky Heart” blaring (from next door) at 3 a.m.

The apartment–aside from the kitchen–really isn’t that bad, and heat is included in the rent. If only we could pick the space up and move it somewhere else. But I could use a change of environment.

Something like this would be ideal:

Condo downtown

Or a space like this would be nice:

But since most downtown condos are pretty much out of our price range, we’ll keep these in mind on down the road a bit. (Note: these photos are from properties I visited last fall during a tour of living.) I wouldn’t mind living downtown, though. Or in a neighborhood other than our current one. I’m looking for a place that’s quiet, dog-friendly, in a neighborhood in which I can walk the dog and walk to some things (specifically a cafe or two), with office space (in the form of a den or additional bedroom), an updated kitchen with a dishwasher, hardwood floors, and, preferably, some utilities covered in the rent. Any tips?

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Today is a good day.

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