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I’m excited for four reasons today:

1. Paul Krugman is back from vacation.

2. The end of the quarter is in clear sight.

3. I had a new idea for a long-neglected project yesterday, and believe March is the month to bring it all back.

4. I get to cast my vote for the first female presidential nominee tomorrow.


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What an exciting time to be a writer. One who isn’t a member of the Guild, at least.

I mean, how often do writers make the news? Here are some clips of striking Hollywood writers, and actors who support them.

First, a classic TV writer:

Next, my favorite:

And finally, to indulge your sweet tooth, here’s McDreamy and crew:

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Check out the formidable kb’s recent article on Film-Philosophy. Or should I say kb’s formidable article?

And keep your fingers crossed with me and hope the Mac folks will be able to recover a certain folder from his hard drive (that crashed when I clicked on a pretty icon, causing the computer to irreparably freeze).

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“You have dated a whole string of Sheryl Crows: needy, good-looking girls, who somehow require you to be a jerk so they can break up with you and feel better about themselves.”

–from “Showings” by Jennifer Pashley

I’ve always wanted to work Sheryl Crow’s neediness into a short story…

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