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It’s the “Sorry I Yelled at You” bouquet!
Really, it’s a picture of pretty flowers.
Okay, it’s both.
Let me just take a moment to say how much Tuesdays suck, which is entirely unrelated to the above comments. Long day, not enough food breaks, not enough done. Whine, moan, gripe, etc. Wednesday morning means doing what didn’t get done. Or blogging. Or both.

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Check out this ad from today’s NY Times:

How sad is this? Now, I doubt I’d qualify for a Sotheby’s Master Card, but I can’t imagine whipping that baby out to pay for some cotton balls at CVS. Do you think there are Sotheby rewards, like Amazon rewards, or miles?

One more thing about Frida Kahlo. I have a postcard of one of her self-portraits on my desk, and when my future mother-in-law asked for a picture of the engagement ring, this happened:

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